5 Tips to Create a Classier Home

Home Improvement

Many people are under the belief that it takes barrels and duffel bags full of cash to update your home into a more modern, chic and sophisticated look worthy of the cover of a magazine, with those people are wrong, dead wrong. In fact, I always encourage people to decorate their homes on a budget, as not only is it doable and easy, but it forces you to be creative, which I find always leads to a more artistic, beautiful house.  Indeed, decorating on a budget is as easy as breathing.  

These five simple projects can all be done yourself, so not only will your home be that much more gorgeous, but you can show off when visitors stare at your interior in wonderment. But the best part of the DIY lifestyle is figuring out fun ways to spend the money you saved doing it yourself!

1. Replace Your Old Light Fixtures

Are your light fixtures basic and old? Even if the answer to this question is "Maybe?" you should most certainly update them. Search online and in thrift shops for used fixtures, and then splash a new coat of paint onto them. Looking for more retro designs and then adding more modern color schemes can be that extra bit of flare which sets your home above the rest.

2. Add Floating Shelves

If you've never heard of floating shelves, you've probably seen them but just aren't familiar with the name. They are just wall mounted shelves which can be hung anywhere, and are perfect to display books, photographs, little knick knacks, antiques and more. Obviously you'll want to use a more shallow shelf for smaller rooms and deeper shelves for larger rooms. You can play with the color scheme of a room a lot by adding floating shelves as well. With the added storage space and the ability to create fun color combinations, floating shelves are a fun and practical addition to any home. 

3. Paint an Accent Wall

Here's something so easy that even those of us who happen to be all thumbs can pull it off, painting an accent wall! Get yourself some brushes, some painters tape, and a color which will go well with your current scheme. 

4. Install Decorative Molding

Decorative molding is an often underutilized form of sprucing up your home. For lower to the ground you can add chair modling, or try installing modling to your cieling by capping walls. Getting detailed with your molding can truly give your home some unique flair. 

5. Build a Stone Fire Pit

Stone firepits aren't just great for making the backyard stand out, but are fantastic for getting you to spend time in your backyard with family and friends. While it may seem daunting, these projects can be completed in mere hours. Be sure to check your local fire codes and with your homeowners association before beginning a task such as this, but all it takes is some large stones or rocks and boom, you've got yourself a firepit! 

I hope these five suggestions have opened your eyes to how a little creativity can turn your house into typical into outstanding! Share with me on Twitter or Instagram pictures of your DIY interior design projects!