20 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer

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20 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer

It is the beginning of a new year, and many of us are ready for the winter months to pass so we can enjoy our beautiful beaches in the perfect weather spring and summer offer us here in Northwest Florida's Gulf Coast. If you are a native or lived here for a while, the warm temperatures throughout the summer are a slice of Heaven. If it is your first season here though, and you aren't used to warm weather, it may be a bit much. Here are some of my tips to stay cool during the hot summer months up here in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. 

1. The shade of paint for your house can greatly effect your temperatures inside. Use lighter shades to deflect the sun's rays.

2. This may sound silly, but keep hydrated. On the hottest of days, drink eight ounces of water per every ninty minutes to an hour. Caffeine, sugar and alcohol all dehyrate you, so be careful what other beverages besides water you drink. 

3. You can place bowls of ice in front of fans to send cold air throughout your house. 

4. Make sure your clothes are made up of light, breathable materials and that they are loose fitting. 

5. Exercise early in the morning or after the sun has gone down. In the middle of the day you may become overwhelmed by the heat.

6. Dehumidifiers do a lot to cool down a room or rooms when dealing with the high humidity we have here in and around Northwest Florida's Gulf Coast. 

7. Ladies, keep your hair short, or keep it up. Heat rises, so obviously it releases from the top of your head. Too much hair, and your it traps the heat. 

8. There's always the old trick of wetting a white towel, preferably cotton, and wrap it around your neck. 

9. Use a cross draft by opening windows only in the room you're in and the one across from where you are. Have a fan blowing from one window to the other. I love this trick 

10. Did you know that clogged pores keep you warm by obstructing your sweat glands? Now you do.

11. Trees can provide your house with some much needed shade. 

12. Florescent light bulbs give off less heat than other types. 

13. Wide brimmed hats, made of breathable material like straw, are great at keeping cool in the sun. 

14. Salty foods, such as nuts, can help put that sodium back in your body you've lost through sweat. Fruits are good for replacing water lost. 

15. B-B-Q! Use your outdoor grill and don't heat up your house creating a bunch of heat in your kitchen. 

16. Electronic devices not in use should be unplugged, as even a TV that is turned off can conduct heat. 

17. Stay downstairs, or even in a basement. Heat rises, so stay low. 

18. Keep an eye on your children, as kids overheat a lot easier than an adult. On the flip side of this coin, be sure to check up on your elderly neighbors and make sure they are okay. 

19. Be aware of what any medications you may be taking will do to your ability to perspire. 

20. Put a face mask in the fridge and lay down with it for a minute or two to cool your entire body temperature. 

Beating the summer heat can make all the difference between a happy summer and a miserable, sweating one. Don't forget, when all else fails, there is always the beach!