16 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Sale

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16 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Sale

Breaking your bank to remodel your home before a sale just isn't an economically viable idea. A new roof may seem like a good investment, but it's liable to add less value to your house than what you spent on the project. If you follow this simple list, you can drastically raise the value of your home without spending a bunch of money in the process.


16. Shampoo the carpets! While you're at it, get rid of any ugly furniture you have cluttering up the house. That old couch may be comfortable to you, especially with the nostalgia of everything you and it have been through, but potential buyers will not feel the same way about it as you do. 

15. Fanciful towels in your kitchen and bathroom can do a lot to help shape those rooms. 

14. Keep your pets outside, if not off the property. Obviously this doesn't apply to fish. 

13. Buy new doorknobs, cabinet handles/knobs and ones for your drawers as well. It's also a good idea to buy new toilet seats and shower rods. 

12. Keep your boats, jet-skis, RV's, etc. etc. off your property. They can distract a potential buyer from the house itself. 

11. Clean everything, and I mean everything in your house. Cabinets, drawers, bathroom counter tops, sinks, floors, baseboards, everything!

10. Make sure your windows are clean as can be. All of them! 

9. Potted plants for flowers across your front yard can do a lot improve the vibe of your exterior, and don't stop there! Place fresh flowers throughout your house to give the interior a boost as well. 

8. Scrub away those oil stains in your garage and on your driveway. 

7. Instead of replacing the whole roof, try just replacing any loose shingles. 

6. Clean and straighten your gutters. 

5. Powerwash any and everything that you can powerwash.

4. Paint your mailbox and front door. These objects greet the eye upon entering a property and first impressions are forever. 

3. Double check that your porch lights are in working order. 

2. Make sure your lawn and any plants/bushes/trees/shrubs are well manicured. 

1. Use Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Amazon, Ebay, or even a good old fashioned garage sale to get rid of whatever your house doesn't need. This will give you some spending money for your projects, and it gets rid of clutter and mess you don't need in your way as you prepare to sell your house.

Hopefully this makes your life easier when trying to sell your house. I know it works wonders for my clients!